Electronic textures and beats and tunes and whatever with occasional outbreaks of competence.
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title catalogreleased
Rising Of The LightsGRUD0142022 12
Bear! Don't Eat My KayakGRUD0122021 09
Leave Technofetishism To The Experts archives series volume 3GRUD0112018 11
Poetic Champions Decompose GRUD0102017 09
Lets Violate Causality Again GRUD0092016 06
Monster Mountain GRUD0082015 03
Thirty Days To The Ocean GRUD0072013 09
Not To Be Played In Apartment Blocks archives series volume 2GRUD0062012 02
Blast Thru Silence GRUD0052011 06
Recombinant Diamond Dust GRUD0042010 02
Intercapital Daylight GRUD0032009 06
Friends Don't Let Friends Electric mini-albumGRUD0022008 10
Chindogu archives series volume 1GRUD0012007 12

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